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The Auburn Coaching Institute

Auburn Coaching Institute

The Auburn Coaching Institute focuses on the challenges that face today’s church and multi faith leaders. They are committed to providing professional coaching and leadership development opportunities that help multi-faith leaders to renew and enhance their vision, to actualize it, and to thrive. Opportunities at the Auburn Coaching Institute will support and enhance pastoral excellence in and among individuals, leadership teams, and ministries.

Transformative Action Institute

Transformative Action Institute

The Transformative Action Institute (TAI) is devoted to training a new generation of social entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, and problem-solvers for the 21st century. Instead of merely protesting what’s wrong, TAI is training the next generation of social entrepreneurs to devote their energy to creating solutions. It offers a new, proven model of social change – one that transforms enemies into allies, hatred into goodwill, and conflict into collaboration. Its vision is to create the leaders of the most innovative social movements and successful social ventures of the future – the Gandhis and Carnegies of the 21st century.


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