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Our Mission:

Our goal is to support and guide you towards your best, helping you to achieve profitability, productivity, satisfaction, and health.

Our Process:

We Will Help:
  • Identify and clarify your work and life goals.
  • Provide an objective voice, offering feedback on your strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Target your ideal areas for change and develop a course for effective action.
  • Implement action strategies to co-create a satisfactory solution.
  • Work with you on your team until your goals are achieved.
Our coaching is based on twenty-five years of experience and outcome research on the most effective strategies for life, executive, legal, and business success, as well as what is needed for an effective college-bound experience.

Coaching involves a combination of life education, study materials, support, skill-building, practice, homework, contracts, follow-up, and an encouraging expert in your corner. We help you generate strategies until goals are achieved.

How Coaching Works:

  • By matching your needs with our coaching team’s expertise, we will create the best coaching experience for you.
  • Consultations available at home or in the office, by phone or over the net.
  • Your choice of short or long term coaching.
  • Workshops available on various coaching topics.
  • Weekly group conference calls on particular coaching topics.
  • Confident and confidential coaching designed to meet your individual needs.
Successful coaching is not about talking endlessly about your problems, excavating ghosts from your childhood, or focusing solely on the past. Unlike other psychological services, we offer insight accompanied by action. Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not need to be long term to be effective.

Coaching is about an ongoing, trusting, confidential relationship with an expert who has been trained, credentialed, and experienced in promoting behavioral change. Your coach will continue to support and guide you until tangible results have been achieved.

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